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Restaurants close to Chicago Dizziness and Hearing

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Places to eat

This area is surrounded by restaurants, some of which are gourmet. Some of our patients from out of state combine a culinary expedition with a clinic visit. We are happy to provide suggestions.

Affordable eats close to the clinic

        • On Erie, there is a TGIF next to the clinic. Perhaps not the most kid friendly though. Not our favorite for food.
        • The Northwestern Memorial Hospital has several "fast food" style restaurants. We favor the "Beatrix" cafeteria style restaurant for lunch, and the Italian restaurant on 2nd floor. Maybe $10/head here.
        • Saigon Sisters are on the 2nd floor as well. About $15/head. Not much seating either.
        • Potbellys on Ontario/Fairbanks across from the Marriott Fairbanks Court.
        • Blaze Pizza is next door to PotBellys. On Ontario. Thin crust. about $10/head.
        • California Pizza Kitchen on Ohio -- about 2 blocks down Michigan from clinic. Close to "Grand Luxe" Cafe (see below). There is also a "Shake Shack", and a few others next door.
        • Garrett's Popcorn. 625 Michigan -- really on Ontario (These are all over the place, including in our back yard).
        • M-burger (Michigan/Huron) -- we do not favor M-burger as we found a fingernail clipping in one of the burgers from this place. We advise to look elsewhere.
        • Ming Han (about 3 blocks away, right next to Whole foods below). Mediocre Chinese food.
        • Whole foods (about 4 blocks away, on Columbus/Grand). Has a large cafeteria on ground floor.

Nicer but more expensive restaurants close to the clinic. All casual.

  • Bandera (535 N. Michigan, up an escalator) call ahead for reservations, don't drop in, American, Jazz at night. Stay away from the "specials".
  • Beatrix (very close, in Hospital, 671 N. St. Clair). Eclectic -- seems pretty healthy, but limited selection. Not cheap. American food.
  • Grand Luxe Cafe (Michigan and Ohio, eclectic) one block west and south just off Michigan. American. Quite an experience. Kids might like it. Food is not its strong suit.
  • Coco Pazzo Cafe (Michigan/Ontario, Italian, good and fairly fast). About two blocks away 212 E. Ohio.
  • Capital Grille (St. Clair/Ontaro) Steak, good, not fast food. about $20/head for lunch.
  • Eataly is just behind Nordstroms on Michigan (i.e. 2 blocks south). It has many Italian fast-food operations within a single building. Seems a little daunting, and maybe a bit too stimulating for dizzy people.
  • Emilio's Tapas AKA Sol y Nieve (Corner of Ohio and Fairbanks, Spanish food, not open till 5PM, 215 E Ohio) Emilio's is never busy. Things move slowly at Emilio's. Don't expect a quick getaway.
  • Greenriver (259 E Erie). This is basically a nice bar, in the hospital, with bar food. It is very hard to find.
  • Lao Sze Chuan (520 N Michigan). Good, hot chinese food, a bit pricey.
  • Purple Pig -- next to Nordstroms on Michigan (500 N Michigan). If you like pork. Stimulating. Not so good for kids.
  • The Publican (837 Fulton Market, about a 10 minute Cab ride). Good food/Beer. Unique place. Do not try to walk.
  • Sayat Nova Armenian restaurant (157 E Ohio -- i.e. 2 blocks). Good for Kebabs/shrimp platter. Never that busy, and very nice people.

There are also some "heavy duty" gourmet restaurants fairly close to the clinic. These are all formal, slow, and $$$$$.

  • Les Nomades (222 E Ontario). French. About a block away. This is a "once a year" type restaurant.
  • Shanghai Terrace (108 E Superior, in Peninsula hotel). Chinese.


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