Medical groups that are not Chicago Dizziness and Hearing

The saying goes, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". We feel very flattered as we are fortunate to be adjacent to several groups whose web pages suggest that they have "Dizziness and Balance" disorder expertise, and might be misinterpreted as being our practice.

"Northwestern Medicine"'s page is called "Dizziness and Balance Disorder Specialists and Care Centers". Their page states that their physicians are "national leaders in their field". Perhaps so, but their "field" is not Dizziness or Hearing. In the "Downtown Chicago" team, across the street from Chicago Dizziness and Hearing, there are no physicians that have any mention of dizziness in their resumes. Northwestern Medicine also has another page on Pulsatile Tinnitus, that even has pictures of us (Dr. Cherchi and Dr. Hain) prominently displayed as members of the "Pulsatile Tinnitus Team". We have no connection to this clinic -- it is just wrong.

Another practice that is about a block away on Erie street, is "Balance Chicago" Physical therapy.This is a physical therapy practice, and has no physicians or audiologists.

Another physician, located in San Diego, Ca, operates the website "". In other words, the same name but no dash in the middle. This commercial site has no connection to Chicago Dizziness and Hearing, or the "" site.

Sometimes Central Dupage Hospital (which has the same CDH initials), is confused with Chicago Dizziness and Hearing. We do work with Central Dupage patients as they are part of Northwestern Medicine, but they are in another part of the Chicago Metro area.