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Briefly, most phone-calls are answered by a staff member within 24 hours. After hours, the telephones are transferred to a paging service. Portal or email may be a little more convenient.

Voice 312-274-0197



We use the Mychart portal. More about this can be found here. This provides a secure method of leaving brief messages and getting some test results. This works best monday-friday.

Email :

The internet is not secure. We advise against using email to transmit information that should not be public. You can email us and ask for a call back in these situations. When emailing us, please take into account that we receive many emails every day and are sometimes just not able to answer daily emails.

Mailing address :

Chicago Dizziness and Hearing
645 N. Michigan, Suite 410
Chicago IL 60611

Refilling a prescription: There are many ways.