Second Opinion Patients Visits from Timothy C. Hain, M.D.

Dr. Hain

Dr. Hain is presently partially retired, after 30 years of "dizzy-doctoring", but is still offering "Second opinion visits" to roughly 2 patients every day. This process includes a very thorough evaluation and recommendations for management. Most patients have either dizziness or hearing disturbances as their main complaint, and many have seen numerous physicians already. Some patients have already been through this process with other large institutions but are looking for a thorough second look.

To give you an idea how extensive this process is:

  1. An extensive questionnaire is reviewed prior to the visit, and relevant inner ear testing is scheduled for day of visit (or possibly a few days before).
  2. Notes in the Epic EMR are reviewed, as well as outside medical records if brought in.
  3. Most evaluations include 60 min face-face, and 30-60 min of writing/reading. There will be an extensive history going over the presenting complaints, and a neurological as well as otological (ear) examination.
  4. Radiology images are requested, and if relevant (i.e. of brain, ear, or neck), images are reviewed and relevant data is abstracted and included in the report.
  5. Typical reports are 15 pages long. These are always sent to the patient, and usually to a referring doctor (or several).
  6. Literature references are provided for critical opinions or recommendations (usually about 4).

These visits (we think) are very well suited to sorting out complex problems, including those that include symptoms normally dealt with by diverse specialties such as ENT and Neurology.