Timothy C. Hain, M.D.

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Clinic: Chicago Dizziness and HearingResearch/Teaching: https://dizziness-and-balance.comEmail: t-hain@northwestern.edu Education:

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Public video presentation (2017): Bilateral vestibular loss.


Dr. Hain in the news

Dr. Hain in news





2010-2022. Chicago Magazine Top Doctors. Listed for "Neuro-otology, balance disorders, motion sickness, Ménière's disease." As shown at the top of this page, Dr. Hain has been listed for many "top doctor" awards over the years. We no longer keep these up to date on this page.

2014. Washington Post. Understanding Vertigo.Dr. Hain in news


April 2009 NPR (National Public Radio, Morning Edition) BPPV treatment
"This is really a success story in medicine," says Hain. "We've figured out the cause of this condition."

Dr. Hain in news

March, 2008 (9:04 AM) ABC Channel 7 News Fixing Dizziness: If your world is constantly spinning, you're not alone. Neurologist Timothy Hain, known as the "dizzy doctor" uses various treatments but says there is a place for physical therapy.

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