Chicago Dizziness and Hearing (CDH) is a private medical practice affiliated with Northwestern University. We are not located in Northwestern Memorial Hospital, but we are just a block west.

We specialize in diagnosis and treatment of dizziness and hearing disorders, including vestibular migraine and Meniere's disease. We frequently see patients that have not yet been diagnosed or who are thought to have BPPV (crystals), PPPD, or vestibular migraine. We treat inner ear as well as central vertigo, including vertigo from stroke or degenerative diseases (as we are neurologists). Most patients undergo a thorough evaluation and receive detailed letter including recommendations for any additional diagnostic process and treatment by the referring health care provider. Note that Dr. Hain is presently seeing "second opinion" type new patients only, while Dr. Cherchi is seeing all types of new patients.

CDH provides evaluations and treatment from two otoneurologists (Dr. Cherchi and Dr. Hain), and a neuro-optometrist (Dr. Sorenson) who treats visual vertigo and PPPD . We offer a large repertoire of hearing and vestibular tests. We have most of the necessary diagnostic tools on-site and usually we can get the diagnostic process over within one day. Email, through our contact form, is usually the best way to set things up.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, for the safety of other patients and our staff, as of 2/26/2022 we require masks to be worn over the mouth and nose in our clinic.

Scheduling appointments can be done through email to or telephone (312-274-0197). If you want a sooner appointment, please make sure you have completed the questionnaire so we can put you on the wait list. This page has more ways to contact us including an email contact form.

Please fill out and return a questionnaire to us at least one week prior to your initial visit.

Getting to the Office: Entrance is on Erie Street at the corner of Erie and Michigan. We validate parking for the Northwestern lot located at 222 E. Huron. Patients pay a discounted fee (which is set by Northwestern) for 4 hours of parking. See this page for details.