Dr. Hain and Dr. Cherchi joined the University of Chicago Medicine!

Chicago Dizziness and Hearing (CDH) was a private medical practice. After 22 years of helping patients, CDH is now closed as of April 10, 2023. Dr. Hain and Dr Cherchi have moved to the University of Chicago Medicine River East location at 355 E Grand Avenue, Chicago, 60611 (downtown Chicago). It is at the corner of Grand and McClurg Ct, which is about 6 blocks from CDH's previous location. Both physicians continue to provide advanced inner ear diagnostics, and the benefit of their decades of experience. The dizziness clinic at the River East location is in close proximity to primary care, and the location has an MRI facility that can make visits more efficient.

We thank you all for trusting CDH with your care. Stay safe and take care!

Dr Timothy Hain and Dr Marcello Cherchi

September 25, 2023

Follow-up care for former Chicago Dizziness and Hearing patients.

This should be taken care of through the University of Chicago. To schedule an appointment, please contact The University of Chicago Medicine at 1-888-824-0200 or 773-702-6222. For medical questions or refills and other clinical requests please contact the University of Chicago at 773-702-6222. Their fax number is 773-795-4630. If it there is a life threatening emergency, please go to your nearest ER.

If you are seeking to pay an outstanding bill for visits prior to April 10, 2023

Please send a check to our PO box or leave a message at 312-274-0197.

Chicago Dizziness and Hearing
PO Box 11535
Chicago IL 60611

Medical records for visits between 2013 to April 10, 2023