Medical Insurance and Chicago Dizziness and Hearing

Chicago Dizziness and Hearing is a customer service organization. We are mainly paid for our work through health insurance. We also see occasional patients who pay "out of pocket". We do our contracting through a Northwestern Medicine affiliated organization, and usually (but not always), we will be similar in the insurance situation. Generally speaking, we accept most insurances, but we have opted out of some of them that place unreasonable burdens on us or simply don't pay enough to keep the lights on. For these situations, it is possible to self-pay and submit our bill to your insurance (see below).

Our most common insurance provider is Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois. After that, Medicare.

We are not contracted with most HMO's or with Public Aid. These types of insurance are treated as "self-pay". We ask "self-pay" patients to pay for their care at the time of service. Self-pay charges are set at the usual and customary level for Chicago Illinois. Self-pay status is also used for patients carrying insurances that have historically never paid CDH for its work (for example, many of the Medicare "advantage" plans). On request, we will provide an invoice to submit to your insurance. We accept most credit cards.

We are not contracted with any international insurance plans. If you are using one of these, you will have to self-pay, and apply for reimbursement from your plan.

We are a private practice. This means that we do not bill you twice for components of the same service, such as at hospital based practices (e.g. Northwestern Medicine, U. Chicago, Northshore, etc). There is no "hospital component" and "physician component".

If you have questions about our billing, please call us and ask for the billing department, or use the contact form.


The following is a list of insurance companies that we have contracts with. Please check with your carrier to be sure as these things change and also this list can get out of date.

Some of the plans that we are contracted with include:

The Cigna-care designated physician designation is for physicians who "are in the highest group for their results on quality measures and have the most cost-efficient group results compared to their peers". The United Health Care Premium Care program is the highest level on their quality assessment program.

Even if the name of your insurance carrier is on the list above, there is no guarantee that we are in network. Network status can change, and insurances often have many different products that may be difficult to distinguish. You should check with your carrier to be sure that we are in network.

We have contracts with some managed care companies through our contracting organization (NHC - Northwestern Health Care). These should be checked rather than relying on this page as well.

Special tests not covered by some insurances

While nearly everything that we do is covered by most health insurances, there are a few tests that we offer in CDH that are not covered by all insurances. For instance, Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) is covered by Medicare, but not covered by either Cigna or Blue Cross Blue Shield. Tilt-table testing has a wildly different set of requirements for coverage across insurers. VHIT testing is sometimes covered and sometimes not. Often we simply do not know whether we will be paid for our work.

For tests that are not likely to be covered by your insurance we require a signed agreement for payment for testing by the patient. This is called an "ABN" form. We provide a self-pay rate for these tests.