CDH physicians moved a few blocks south in April, 2023 as Dr. Hain and Dr. Cherchi are joining University of Chicago Medicine at a new dizziness center.

Both Dr Cherchi and Dr Hain will see patients at the University of Chicago Medicine's "River East" location at 355 E Grand Ave, Chicago IL (corner of Grand and McClurg Ct), which is about 5 blocks from CDH's previous location. Both physicians will continue to provide advanced inner ear diagnostics, and the benefit of their decades of experience. The dizziness clinic at the River East location is in close proximity to primary care, and the location has an MRI facility that can make visits more efficient.


To schedule appointments with Dr. Hain or Dr. Cherchi, please contact 773-702-6222. The fax # is 773-795-4630.

Dr. Hain is presently seeing new and returning patients at the University of Chicago Medicine's River East location.

Dr. Cherchi, will begin seeing patients at the University of Chicago's River East location beginning July 1, 2023. Until then, Dr. Hain is covering for urgent medical issues for Dr. Cherchi's patients.

Records from Chicago Dizziness and Hearing:

Patients seen by CDH between November 2019-April 2023 have records stored in Northwestern Medicine/Epic. Medical record requests for these patients can be directed to Northwestern Medicine. For records prior to November, 2019, please fax us a medical records request form. On receipt we will supply a copy of CDH medical records. Usually this will be done within 3 weeks. The fax # is 312-274-0198.

We thank you all for trusting CDH with your care. Stay safe and take care!

Dr Timothy Hain and Dr Marcello Cherchi

May 17, 2023