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Welcome to the Chicago Dizziness and Hearing online survey system

Let's get started. When you first access the survey system, you'll be asked to log in:

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Logging In

If already you have an account, enter your User ID and Password in the corresponding fields within the box labeled "Login". When done, click the Login button. If you don't have an account, and you are a patient of Chicago Dizziness and Hearing, contact us to get an invitation email.

The User ID and Password are case sensitive, so pay special attention to your typing.

If your User ID and Password aren't recognized, the following error will be displayed:

  • [ Incorrect User ID or Password ].

If you receive an error, first try retyping your User ID and Password (check your caps lock key, as well). If you are absolutely certain you are typing your information correctly, contact Chicago Dizziness and Hearing for assistance.

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Signing Up

Survey accounts are assigned by Chicago Dizziness and Hearing, and are only available to patients. Contact or if you need a new login or if you forgot your credentials. They will send you an invitation email.

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Getting Help

This help page is available both before and after logging in: the link labeled "Help" always brings you here. The links in the menu to the left allow you to navigate within this page.

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Your Dashboard

After you log in, you'll see your dashboard: dashboard

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My Surveys

These are the surveys that you can take. If you get an email requesting you to take a particular one, please just take that one. It does no harm to take other surveys, but they might not be very relevant.

The survey title is a link: click on these links to take each survey. The survey status indicates how you have, so far, interacted with the survey:

  • Not Started. You have not yet submitted a response to this survey. You may have looked at the survey, but you haven't submitted any responses. You may start this survey.
  • Started, but Incomplete. You have started this survey, but left early and saved your responses. You may return to this survey at any time. This status is only available if the survey administrator allows you to save your responses to return to later.
  • Some Finished, some Incomplete. You have submitted at least one complete response, but have saved another for later.
  • Finished. You have submitted at least one complete response to this survey. Only one response is accepted/day per survey.

The last access column indicates when you last visited the survey.

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My Tools

In this area, you'll find links to get help as well as logout. Your survey administrator may also have given you access to these tools:

  • Help: This page.
  • Change my profile. This tool allows you to change the name by which the software addresses you, and your email address. It is not necessary to enter any of this information. It is up to you.
  • You cannot change your password.

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Completing Surveys

To complete a survey, read the questions and answer each.

Most of our surveys are rating scales, based on published survey instruments. In a rating scale you indicate your degree of agreement with the presented statement. You may choose one out of the the possible options.

Rating scale


Almost all questions require an answer. If an answer is required, the stem (main) question will be marked with a red asterisk. You must answer the question, including all of the subquestions, before moving to the next page or submitting your final answers.

Other question types are radio buttons, text fields, and essay boxes. Click here for help in filling these out.


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Submit page

Submitting a Survey

When you have finished taking the survey, click the Submit Survey button. Your responses will be sent to your administrator and you will be taken to a results (Scoring) page as below. You can either take a look at your score and answers, or just go back to the survey dashboard. If you don't submit the survey, your answers will be lost.

Results (scoring)

All of these surveys have some amathematical algorithm that calculates a score from the answers. You can take a look at this if you click on the "Scoring Page". You can also just close the web page, go to the Chicago Dizziness and Hearing page (, or do whatever else you want.

Submit graphic

Please do not use your back button to return to the survey. If you do this anyway, no harm is done, but as only the first survey is processed/day, it is a waste of time to change your answers and resubmit.

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Security is strong, because we don't save anything of importance on the server.

These days, nearly any publically facing internet server can be hacked. We have designed this software to be safe for health care information.

This program does not save survey responses in a database. On submission, encrypted responses are sent to the study administrator. There is no health care information to find even if this program is hacked.

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