CDH has an electronic portal, as mandated by the US government. It part of a system called "Epic/Mychart", and it is part of the Northwestern Medicine system. The Northwestern version of it is called "MyNM". The way Mychart works for CDH, is that you have to have a contact with us since Oct 28, 2019 for us to be listed in the Northwestern MyNM. This means that patients seen prior to Oct 28, 2019 might not have us listed on their Mychart list. Still, we can fix this, and if you login to Mychart and cannot find your doctor at CDH, contact us and we will make this happen.

To access the Mychart portal, Click Here.

There are many other ways to contact us:

What is shared by Epic/Mychart, and what is not:

There are MANY different "Mychart" portals, that all look the same, but access different hospitals or health care systems. Mychart does NOT share doctor appointments across health-care systems -- i.e. you can't schedule a visit with your Loyola doctor (for example), using the Northwestern Mychart. Still, medical records from any of the Epic (Mychart) connected systems generally can be seen by other doctors. So it does help tremendously with sharing across different hospital systems.

There are some physicians that are "off the grid" -- often independent physicians. There are also some large hospitals that are not on Epic/Mychart. In Chicago (for example), this includes Christ hospital and Amita. For these non-Epic connected physicians, usually there will be no record sharing, and we will have to drop back to paper copies.

Radiology imaging (such as MRI or CT scans), may have interpretations in Epic, but often there will be no access to the actual images. Again, we have to depend here on hard-copy, usually CDs.