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CDH Portal

CDH has an electronic portal, as mandated by the US government. It is called "Mychart", and it is part of the Northwestern Medicine system. CDH's conversion to Mychart from our previous portal (Updox) started on Oct 28, 2019 and at this writing (11/1/2019) it is incomplete. If you login to Mychart and cannot find your doctor at CDH, call or email us and we will make this happen.

To access the portal, Click Here.

With or without the Mychart Portal:

  • We will routinely send you all of your results via mail or fax, if you prefer.
  • A clinical assistant is available to answer telephone inquiries. 312-274-0197.
  • If you prefer email, we are willing to respond to email questions. ca2@dizzy-doc.com is the best email address. We do not suggest using this if you are concerned about privacy however. If you contact us via email, unless told otherwise, we will assume that you are willing for us to reply to you via email as well.

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