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  • Where to get Radiology testing done.
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Radiology Testing

Chicago Dizziness and Hearing does not have any radiology equipment and always "refers out". The inner ear is very small, and it is important that the imaging be done well, and also that the radiology institution provide images to us. Sometimes there is a conflict between convenience and quality.

Safe choices:

The hospital across the street from us, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, generally does a very good job with radiology, and is a safe choice.

In addition, 3T MRI of Morton Grove also generally does quite good imaging, and because they do not have lower quality "low field" MRI's, it is safe.

Check with us before scheduling.

We have had difficulties with many imaging facilities. These are expensive tests and there is sometimes a tendency to cut corners. Some of them are hard to do. We suggest staying away from:

  • Salt Creek Medical Imaging (in Westmont)- -they are very difficult to work with. They do scans but won't give us the results.
  • Smart Choice MRI -- these are generally low quality scans. For the inner ear, these are not very smart.
  • Upright MRI - -these are also generally low quality scans. Occasionally worthwhile.
  • "Open MRI" of any kind -- we prefer people to get "Real" MRI's over open MRI's. It is always possible to use sedation. Please avoid these.
  • 1.5 T MRI's for inner ear problems. It is silly to get a "regular MRI", when one is interested in a structure the size of a dime (the inner ear).
  • Temporal bone CT scans in community hospitals. PLEASE avoid community hospitals for temporal bone CT scans-- they don't do these often, and this is a test that you want to get done right the first time.

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