Therapy for Dizziness and Imbalance

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, as of 9/6/2020 we are mainly treating dizziness patients with suitable conditions (such as BPPV) with home protocols, sometimes supplemented by televisits. We also offer BPPV treatments with one of our providers, Dr. Cherchi, best suited for complex cases or persons who are close to the clinic. If patients need to see a physical therapist, we attempt to find one close to them. We have a BPPV DVD that illustrates the home Epley and Logroll maneuvers, and many handouts, that can be supplemented by online video material.

BPPV(Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo)

Mat table for BPPV treatment CDH providers treat all variants of BPPV including posterior canal, lateral canal, anterior canal, and multicanal. We understand the difference between canalithiasis and cupulolithisis. We are fully equipped with video frenzel goggles that enable us to determine if treatment has succeeded, and detect complications. During the coronavirus epidemic, we are relying to a much greater extent on home treatment protocols -- we evaluate the patient in the office with the video goggles, and then prescribe them the appropriate home exercises.


Unilateral and bilateral vestibular loss.




Motion sickness, visual dependence, drivers disorientation, PPPD

Mal de Debarquement

Other rehabilitation techniques

Tai ChiTai Chi -- Dr. Hain was one of the earliest to show that Tai Chi can improve balance. Chicago Dizziness and Hearing provides training DVD's from the original study.





Sometimes patients need to find therapy closer to them.

We get it that people are dizzy, they find it hard to drive, and it is more convient to "go local".

For BPPV providers, we recommend using the VEDA (vestibular disorders association). We also have some that we know of in Chicago that we can recommend to our patients.

For neck physical therapy, we recommend using the AAOMPT web site. This is a group of expert manual therapists.

Additionally, over the years we have had had many physical therapists work with us. We are proud to note that several have continued to provide sophisticated vestibular physical therapy services elsewhere in the Chicago metropolitan area. We know that these people have had a good grounding in vestibular physical therapy. See our PT Alumni page for more details.

BPPV vpt Tai Chi