Vision Therapy for Dizziness and Imbalance

Chicago Dizziness and Hearing offers vision therapy for persons whose dizziness is mainly related to visual stimulation. Chicago is fortunate enough to have several vision therapy providers, all optometrists. However, importantly -- vision therapy at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing has physician involvement with every visit. This provides a coordinated team involved with the treatment as well as offers far more resources than the single specialty practices that have optometry alone.

Common groups of patients who are sent for vision therapy are those who have trouble driving, trouble reading, or are highly affected by complicated visual stimuli.

Because PPPD (Persistent postural perceptive dizziness) has many visual symptoms, and responds to habituation, we also offer a combination of medical treatment and visual habituation treatment for this condition. The PPPD calculator is here.

Marsha Sorenson, OD. provides vision therapy at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing on thursdays.


Marsha Sorenson, OD (Email

Conditions that she treats include visual dependence (often part of PPPD or vestibular migraine), drivers disorientation, accommodative and convergence insufficiency, and vertical heterophoria.

Sometimes patients need to find vision therapist closer to them.

We can refer you for therapy to therapists that we know in the northern suburbs, western suburbs, as well as in Michigan.