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Providers and Staff

Usually patients seen in our practice interact with one or more physicians, several staff members, one or more technicians that perform diagnostic testing, and often a physical therapist who assists in getting them back into better "balance". This page provides information about who we are and what we do.

Physician services
Our physicians diagnosis, treat and supervise other services at the clinic.

Audiology services
Our audiologists perform or supervise our testing. For more information, see Audiology Service page.
Email: audiology@dizzy-doc.com.

Physical therapy
We offer conventional as well as several treatment techniques that are unique in Chicago as well as generally unavailable. For more information, see the Physical Therapy page.
Email: pt@dizzy-doc.com.

Vision therapy
We offer treatment for visual vertigo, mainly for persons who are having trouble reading or driving due to visually induced dizziness. If necessary, we will also provide prescriptions for new glasses or contacts.
Email: vt@dizzy-doc.com.

Our receptionists take care of scheduling new and return appointments, scheduling testing, as well as check-in and check-out from the clinic. Email is best if you have something brief to do, such as make or break a return appointment.
Email: reception@dizzy-doc.com

Clinical Assistant
Our clinical assistant(s), under the direction of the physicians in the practice, refill medications, answer questions, provide test results, and arrange for forms to be filled out.
Email: clinical-assistant@dizzy-doc.com

Otology assistants/technicians
Some ear testing in our practice is performed by technicians. The testing is overseen by the physician and/or audiologist associated with the practice.
Email: ototech@dizzy-doc.com

Business office
Our business manager handle human resources and accounting.
Email: manager@dizzy-doc.com

Our medical biller addresses billing questions. To reach our biller, you can email or leave messages at the clinic. See the Contact page for more ways to contact our billing support person.
Email: billing@dizzy-doc.com

Medicolegal support
In our practice, there are occasionally situations where people become dizzy after an injury (such as an auto accident), and this results in a legal action after several years. Dr. Hain or Dr. Cherchi are sometimes asked to provide expert testimony about certain dizzy conditions. These activities are managed by dizzinesssolutions.com. They coordinate legal activities, as well as get records reviewed and organized, scheduling IMEs, depositions and trial dates.
Email: jane@dizzy-doc.com

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