Telemedicine at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, CDH is offering telehealth options for return patients. Insurance coverage for telehealth for in-network is required by Illinois law, and for the most part, the co-pays are no longer required. If you have a high deductable, your costs will likely be less than an in-person visit, because of the difference in co-pays. This is Illinois law and might not apply to other states.

For televisits, we will bill your insurance using the telehealth codes. There is telemedicine coverage through Medicare. It seems to us that telehealth coverage should be extended until the epidemic is over.

If you are high risk, we will do our best to use telehealth to take care of you. If your insurance does not cover telehealth, we will bill at the self-pay rate. We will discontinue telehealth after the pandemic is over, but for older and vulnerable patients, as well as for persons who are just very anxious about in person visits, this may mean attempting telehealth rather than in-person visits for about a year. Teleheath is not as good as "live" visits, because we are missing the part of the visit where nystagmus is checked (with the goggles). Still, one has to balance risk and benefit.

We need your consent for telehealth. Here is a link to a google form that provides consent.

Audio/visual televisits

For those with a smartphone, the process is as follows. First we will have our staff call you to make sure we have your medications and a list of subjects that need to be discussed. After this, hang up, and our office will send you a text message on your smart phone. Within the text message is a link that starts up the "Doximity" app. This app is very similar to Facetime.

This method can assist us in diagnosing dizziness remotely. If you think you have BPPV or jumpy eyes, please be ready for this, and have an assistant who can hold the phone camera close to your eyes while we examine you for nystagmus remotely. We have a page on this process here.

If your internet connection is a lot better than your telephone connection, we can also do visits using zoom. Usually the smarphone is the better option however. If you have an android phone, and are having issues, see this PDF.

Telephone televisits

We always will try to establish a full face-face connection though. If you do not have a smartphone or similar device, we will ask you to arrange for a friend to be with you that has a smartphone. These are presently (i.e as of 8/2020) usually covered by insurance.