Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination in dizzy patients

Last updated : April 6, 2021

We have had many questions asked about whether or not vaccination for Covid-19 is a good idea in dizzy patients. Our thought about this is that the risk of infection with Covid is high, and the risk getting vaccinated is very low. We also think that getting vaccinated may help protect others and especially your family, as well as the population at large.

Ultimately, we think this question is best answered by your primary care doctor, who takes care of you as a "whole person", and does not just focus on dizziness, hearing, or headache issues.

A page from VEDA (Vestibular disorders association) on the vaccine is found here. There seem to be some people reporting flare ups after getting vaccinated. Our general thought about this is that we are not sure if the symptoms reported are caused by the vaccine or happened to occur close in time to the vaccine. We would like to see a more formal study.

A review of the literature about Covid-19 and dizziness is here.

How to get vaccinated:

Northwestern Medicine (the group to which we belong), is gradually offering vaccinations to patients, as recommended by Illinois prioritization. The contact method for the vaccine availablity is through the "Mychart" portal, and we recommend that you "sign up" for Mychart. Note that if you have signed up for Mychart with another hospital system (such as Loyola or Northshore), the Northwestern medicine Mychart is distinct from these.

The doctors at CDH have no influence on who gets invited when. All we can suggest is to stay signed up for the portals where you get your medical care.