Telemed visits at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing -- the Details.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, CDH is offering telehealth options. Insurance coverage for telehealth for in-network is required by Illinois law, and for the most part, the usual co-pays are no longer required.


Most of the time, all you need to do is to wait for a text from your doctor, and then click on it.

Other ways to do this if you are not using a smartphone, or the smartphone interface doesn't work --

You can also do these visits using a web page interface on your laptop, or perhaps desktop plus webcam. This rarely fails. For example, visits can be done on an ipad.

Both Dr. Cherchi has a dedicated zoom addresses, and Dr. Hain also has a dedicated address. Don't start these up yourself unless you know for sure that you are using zoom or

Some of the details.

While we prefer the Doximity "dialer" application, sometimes it fails to work and we then fall back to "". A very few of our televisits use "zoom" video conferencing.

Zoom works best on laptops. also works on laptops. Cell phones are occasionally too slow for Zoom, but you can try anyway. Sometimes they work. There is a "Zoom" app that needs to be downloaded for this to work on your Iphone or Android. Also, be sure that you turn your microphone on when you enter the videoconference (lower left hand corner). Sometimes the camera on one's laptop has a "lid", and it helps to slide it open.

If Zoom or doesn't work, usually due to poor internet connection or sometimes beause one's laptop has no camera, we will fall back to telephone (see below), or we are willing to try other methods (see below).

Telephone only visits.

We prefer an audiovisual connection, and if you do not have a smartphone or similar device, we will ask you to arrange for a friend to be with you that has a smartphone. Still, sometimes we fall back to telephone alone, especially if connection is poor.

We are willing to use other video chat methods than Zoom, such as Facetime, as long as this is allowed by the applicable law. However, it is very rare that Doximity, or Zoom doesn't work. Doximity seems to be equivalent to Facetime, and Zoom works well on laptops.

Sometimes having your video on a cell phone is very helpful, as we can do some examination by having you or an assistant hold the smartphone close to your eyes. If your diagnosis is BPPV, this is especially likely to be requested, and please keep this in mind.